Thursday, August 05, 2010

...Tangeled Animation comes to an end..kinda...

Its been a while since I posted....

Since November of 2009 we have been going hard and it was definitely the smallest crew that I have worked with. Everyone gave over 100 percent and we are hoping that the film does well. The name change has been beatin' down by people and the studio has been talked about in all kinds of ways; positive and negative.

My opinion is this:

a studio is a place that houses artist to create products for a consumer. The product has to make money to keep the house functioning as well as put money in the hands of the creators. You can only control what is in front of you and let your voice be heard where it can make an impact. If you are making a positive role for yourself in any workplace, you will eventually be seen and heard. If you care about your peers than help them by lifting them up. If you point out something negative than back it with something positive. Your energy spills over to everything around you and then spreads from there. I have heard negative guys and people that just talk too damn much at all the studios I have been at and they all have the same personalities, the same tendencies, and always seem to find people who will listen to their rants.
You don't have to listen and you don't have to associate with them... pretty simple concept huh. It may make your career that much more enjoyable.

With all that being said the guys who animated on Tangled have worked hard. HARD! The negative talk in and outside of the studio has not affected the drive and passion of the people who worked on the movie. If the words have done anything, I would have to say that it has inspired us to continue being better at what we do no matter where we work. Some people will enjoy the movie and some will not. All we can ask is that the fans of animation support the people who help create the film and have a good time with your families.

hungry as every... jamaalb.