Monday, November 30, 2009

...first day at Disney...and new character stuff

So today was my first day at Disney and I was pretty 'geeked up'. You are already siked about it but once you walk through the doors its an even better feeling than you expected. Met with some old friends and spoke with Glen K. My friend and I walked around the studio and he introduced me to some of the team. I have to say that the projects look amazing and the artists are at the top of their game. Walking into an "animation" studio with so much history...a history that I have soaked up for a long time really hit me hard. I am eager and excited... a bit more than excited. My office door is open!

On another note... more art for JBToon and one of the last Key Frames from a test I am starting.

Monday, November 23, 2009

JSBToon: SECOND PASS. Head Poses

After playing with the shapes and
placement of things, I think I got a good workable head. The rough drawings really felt good when trying to discover the best turning shapes. This was always one of my favorite things with 2D animation; creating the model sheets. It can be tough trying to figure out how the character turns, but the discoveries are worth it. There may be more evolution when the animation is started and I sure it will be for the best.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

...going back to Cali..Cali... Cali...

the day I was leaving to come back to California I did a sketch of my wife and I. She says I never draw us so...NO.. I dont like drawing myself. Just is a coincidence this month I guess. I made the cartoon version and played around a bit more. Kind of like our Cali post card. Dont be surprised if this gets used for parties or some other kind of invitation (insert address here). You see I left some space... ok.. back to drawing model sheets. oh! and I just realized that the shirt I am wearing is damn near the same color as the logo dude..uck

Saturday, November 21, 2009

..a few months back...

When I started getting the 2D animation bug again, I started playing around with a thumbnail mock up of sorts. Just playing around with some ideas and thoughts.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So in an effort to continue pushing my animation skill set I decided to create an animated intro for this site. Began to work out the facial shapes and structure. I have to refine the placement of everything so that the character will be solid when I start the animation. The body is still a work in progress. Not sure if I want to go with the thick to thin arms or anatomically stylized. I am going to be way more anal in this animation than the pencil test I posted. That was a fun exercise that got me really pumped to animated full steam ahead at home and work. (DONT FORGET TO SPEND TIME WITH THE WIFE SUCKA!!!) This should be an interesting undertaking after all of these years but there are no real excuses not to do it. Anyway..there will be some more stuff to come as I press on. Thanks to BJ for some extra inspiration. THE NEXT PHASE OF THIS FOR ME IS TO DRAW OVER THIS SKETCHES AND REFINE THE FACE SO I CAN ANIMATE IT EASIER.


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Walt Disney Animation

In a few weeks I will be starting my position as an animator at Disney. My career has been a journey that seems to be never ending. I started out chasing the dream of becoming a 2D animator and always had Disney in my sights, but there was a time when 2D animation was coming to a hault and I had to jump on the computer if I was to have a higher chance of working as a feature animator. The funny thing is the entire time I was in Los Angeles I never applied to Disney. I can honestly say if it wasnt for one of the Disney featurettes, I probably wouldnt have continued to animate. I remember sitting in my room in grad school night after night getting frustrated, but I saw this guy on one of the DVD's and I was blown away even more. The idea that he was working there gave me more hope of being an animator. I started to really focus even more and pressed forward. NOW the idea that I get to work a long side soooo many people I respect is a major thing, not just in my career but my life as well. I try so hard not to take for granted what I do for a living. We as animators/ artists are given the opportunity to do something that is rare. Some people got on the path easier than others and some get there by sweating for it. Either way you have to appreciate what you do for a living and remember to continue to do what got you to this point, because it is what made you.