Thursday, November 19, 2009


So in an effort to continue pushing my animation skill set I decided to create an animated intro for this site. Began to work out the facial shapes and structure. I have to refine the placement of everything so that the character will be solid when I start the animation. The body is still a work in progress. Not sure if I want to go with the thick to thin arms or anatomically stylized. I am going to be way more anal in this animation than the pencil test I posted. That was a fun exercise that got me really pumped to animated full steam ahead at home and work. (DONT FORGET TO SPEND TIME WITH THE WIFE SUCKA!!!) This should be an interesting undertaking after all of these years but there are no real excuses not to do it. Anyway..there will be some more stuff to come as I press on. Thanks to BJ for some extra inspiration. THE NEXT PHASE OF THIS FOR ME IS TO DRAW OVER THIS SKETCHES AND REFINE THE FACE SO I CAN ANIMATE IT EASIER.