Tuesday, December 30, 2008

yes sir...get them while you can..

so I have been wanting these for my collection for a while.. I saw the Calvin and Hobbes collection a while ago but it is was some $$$ and something always came up which stopped me from purchasing it. Luckily Nicole remembered that I wanted it and gave me a good surprise. Two good surprises! I had a feeling that the Batman Animated Series: The Complete Collection would be released as a bundle but it was just a speculation. A few months ago I saw it and was geeking, but still didn't want to shell out the ends at that time. If you love animation and art both of these are worth the money. I fell in love with the animated Batman and Bruce Timm's take on it. I was in high school when it came out and I watched it faithfully everday after school. So many cartoons mimicked the style after and Bruce set a trend.

Calvin and Hobbes is an American icon that I think if you are a fan of comics you should get it. The skill of coming up with short, funny, and clever ideas for strips is a great skill. Inspirational is the only word for it. Bill Watterson also hints to why he has never let anyone touch the characters. I am glad that they have not been animated. I know people have approached him to have them hit the tv screen and movie theatre, but I believe he has made the right decision in holding on to his work ....as is...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

doing what? storyboarding and stuff

So I have been doing a lot of stuff at work and a big part of it has been doing beat boards and story boards. I can't say what it is for but you will get to see it soon. It has been taking time away from personal work a bit, but it is helping me grow in different areas. Our team is becoming tighter knit and we are moving forward with a lot of good ideas. Especially with all the economic issues going on..it is definitely good to be where I am at..and doing what I am doing.

stay tuned...