Tuesday, December 23, 2008

doing what? storyboarding and stuff

So I have been doing a lot of stuff at work and a big part of it has been doing beat boards and story boards. I can't say what it is for but you will get to see it soon. It has been taking time away from personal work a bit, but it is helping me grow in different areas. Our team is becoming tighter knit and we are moving forward with a lot of good ideas. Especially with all the economic issues going on..it is definitely good to be where I am at..and doing what I am doing.

stay tuned...


Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Jamaal! Good to hear man. Sounds like a great opportunity to expand your skill set. Likewise, I recently spent a whole AM term putting together an animatic for my film, and it was a challening but enjoyable experience.

Cant wait to hear /see more! Happy holidays!

Yavuz said...

looks really cool. hope to see more.

happy holidays

Nancy said...

Hi Jamaal,
I'm glad to hear that you are doing storyboard and beat boards...I hope you are well as well as busy. I am on Skype now if you want to look me up for a chat.