Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sergio Pablos Part 1: Acting, Entertainment, & Variation

I decided to make another animation video for 2012. I played with the idea of a live webinar series, bit I think there would be more benefit to having a downloadable turorial. I sent out an email asking the people who purchased the first video and I received some great feedback. The name of the video currently is: "Acting, Entertainment, & Variation"...but keep this one as an option ("Acting, Performance, & Entertainment"). My last video focused on workflow and not the thoughts behind the acting. I touched a little on some of the aspects of it but I will dive deep into acting on this installment. Not only will I be talking about it, I will be talking with inspiring veterans. So far I will be talking to James Baxter, Sergio Pablos, & Kristof Serrand. 

-This is very exciting

Saturday, December 03, 2011

...drawings on a lazy day...

 ... I am always drawing but its just a matter of scanning and posting.  I wish there was an instant scan or something attached to a drawing pad.  The new Wacom toy looks nice but I will wait for the version that can read a larger drawing surface.  Any are a few that I did on a Saturday at home.  When Croods is over I will post some of my thumbnails and pose studies for my shots.. who knows maybe some will get into "The Art of Croods"   .....that would be cool...

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Acting,Entertainment, & Variation: Video Flowchart/ Work in Progress

I decided to create the next video much differently than the first.  I asked for a lot of feedback from the people who picked it up and I got some great ideas.  There were things people liked and other parts that could be enhanced.  I really appreciate all of the great information I have been writing things out and planning accordingly.  This flow chart is apart of the layout of how the video will be created.  The red blocks represent major areas of discussion and the topics/details are underneath.  Its pretty simple in concept but will make a better user experience.  I will continue to refine this as I move forward and the chart will get a little bigger as well

thanks again guys


Sunday, October 09, 2011

CTN EXPO: Live Animation

I will be at the CTN EXPO this year animating live at the iAnimate Booth.  If you are there, you can ask me questions of any kind while I work away on a shot.  This should be a fun event as always!  I like getting to see the people I havent worked with in a while as well as seeing all of the goodies the artists have to offer.  I will be animating for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Jason Ryan will be at the booth as well as a few other instructors from the iAnimate school. 

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pressure Anim & New iAnimate Video Tutorial on the way!!!

This is the animation I created for the "...from Planning to Polish..." video.  There are few things I can do to it but I am not going to touch it.  The purpose was to show how I go from start to end on this kind of shot.  I am going to be working on another video that will talk about the thought process behind going through the two extremes of acting in one shot; subtle and broad.  I am working out the details of how to discuss it as well as figuring out the exact type of animation that will help reinforce the ideas.  We talk about many things in the studio as animators and most of it comes from time and experience.  Thats probably the biggest benefit of working in production...having access to the different experiences of other animators and the things they have discovered through their journeys.  This video wont be as long but I plan on giving a lot of good information...

stay tuned...

This is another great rig created by Victor Vinyals for iAnimate.  I will be using this character for the new video.  I will post more information very soon!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

...focusing on your work...

this is an original drawing from Treasure Planet by Sergio and I was geeked to get it.  Its rare to get a hold of any of his stuff so it was nice to add it to my collection.... and I will never tell where I got it from!

Its not surprising to hear that the people you look up to were and are hard workers.  I have heard many stories about different animators.  One story was about Sergio Pablos who painstakingly inbetweened his own work on Treasure Planet.  It was his way of making sure his performances were exactly what he wanted.  I never had the honor of working with him but everyone that has had the pleasure states that he is a very focused animator (as most of the top guys are).  With the way we work today you can find that there are many distractions in the workplace...ESPECIALLY with the damn internet.  You can get pulled away in an instant if you do not  FOCUS.  If you think about the way any great professional in history had to work to get things done some things will become clear.  Imagine being up on a skyscraper during the industrial age, putting in some rivets, and suddenly getting on Facebook to post something real dumb. You probably would have lost your life not to mention doing a half ass job on an 80 story building.  Its an extreme example but you get the idea.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

...No More Teaching...(for now)

(maintaining a students perspective) I have taught two terms at iAnimate and I have to say the experience has been very enlightening.  Teaching your process and going through it over and over again, you find out a lot of things especially about yourself as an animator.  This piece of knowledge has led me to the decision of taking a break from teaching for a bit.  I plan on focusing even more on my animation and acting.  Extreme focus on acting which will include reading more books on the subject, workshops, and personal study.  I am not going to pretend I know everything about what I do for a living, so I will continue to learn, refine, and add to the little I do know.  Hopefully the young guys who were in my class benefited from the information I gave them.  There are many goals I have not achieved in this field that I really want to with that being said, I am off to work on the next project.  "..I feel inspired by the challenge that I stand eye to eye with, to move like a wise warrior and not a coward..."

life long student of this.....


Sunday, July 31, 2011

"..iLLs.." Rough Pencil Test

So...I finally got another animation desk and I vowed not to do any 3D animation at the house for a while.  I have been working on some character designs and I wanted to see if the designs held up.  This is a quick movement test, but I will have to do some more advanced ones before moving forward with the design.  I feel rejuvenated flipping the paper again!

Friday, July 15, 2011

...too many to scan at the moment....

...its been a while since I posted but I am always doing something.  I have many drawings I wanted to post on the site but my scanner is not hooked up at the moment.  Here is the wall behind me in my workspace at Dreamworks.  I am trying to fill up the whole wall...I am sure it will be filled but ...not sure if they will move me from this space...

-keep grindin'  


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"...from Planning to Polish...": Promotional Teaser

"...from Planning to Polish..." is a 3 hour, 3 part video that takes a shot from planning to final presentation. Using 8 steps, the videos demonstrates one of the workflows I use when I am working. 

Trailer edited by: Larry Vasquez

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Maximus from Tangled: Short Idea

...So while I was on Tangled I had the opportunity to pitch 3 short ideas based on parts of the movie. I was spending a few hours at home writing and drawing and came up with some ideas. I sat with directors Nathan Greno, Byron Howard, an the producer Roy Conly. It was a pretty cool and laid back meeting. At the end, the conclusion was if I came up with a good idea using Maximus that would be great. I started posting images on a board outside of my office and asked people to put up drawings that could possibly get some juices going....I guess we got pretty busy on Tangled so not much got posted.... These images were a part of an idea I threw around with fellow animator Patrick Osborne.  Patrick did a few illustrations in Photoshop that looked great! 

Oh well it was a good try. Funny thing... There is a Tangled short in production starring none other than...Maximus.

Curious to see what it's about.



keep grinding 


Friday, June 03, 2011

"...from Planning to Polish..." is NOW AVAILABLE

I have been working on this video for a while now.  This slowed up a bit transitioning from Disney to Dreamworks, but I kept pushing forward.  This is a 3hour video demonstration in 3 parts.  I go through one of my workflows with a character animation shot.  You can read more about the video by clicking the image and that will also take you to the store. 

This can be a great resource if you are learning about animation, considering becoming one, or just curious about the process, "...from Planning to Polish..." could be something to interest you!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...European Twist...

"...draw draw draw.... draw until I leave this place.. hopefully what I draw will put a smile on someones face.."


I saw this cool looking guy and his stance look like a GQ pose.  They style was definitely European but I am not sure of his nationality.  Man I love drawing.  There is something really rewarding about messing around with a pencil and creating anything that comes to your mind.  I usually draw people and most people who probably draw.  There has to be some deep psychological meaning behind why we create and re-create ourselves in various forms...hmm I think I will go look it up again. 

all the best people


Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Death of Mother Gothel.

Now that I am teaching my students are really developing their process and overall approach. I have spoken a lot to them about working in a fashion where they refine their poses. Stepped mode (this is where the software plays your animation back jumping from one pose to the next.) is the method I usually work in; not to be confused with pose to pose animation, but a way to create overall appeal to the work. The biggest part of this animation where Mother Gothel is running towards the mirror and goes crazy was done almost straight ahead. I planned out the poses I wanted to hit, but I felt to capture the energy I had to work through the physical aspects as quick as she was performing them.

This shot was really fun to animate and preparing for it was a good challenge. I had no representation for the cloth she was going to grab so I had to feel where her hands would be and keep them close as if they were holding that fabric...pretending it had some give as well as a bit of elasticity .

Keep grinding as usual guys!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

...Emotional Beats...

Every shot and sequence in a movie has emotional tones that bring the audience closer to the characters (pretty basic in terms of character development). The emotions may change in an instant but for the most part they carry through from a good portion of time. This drawing was the main emotional beat I used for one of my shots in Tangled. I created many different poses but this was the one that really gave me the feeling of confusion and naivety. Rapunzel was a smart girl but was manipulated by Gothel to the ways of the world outside of the tower. I thought this emotion was captured in this drawing.