Thursday, September 01, 2011

...focusing on your work...

this is an original drawing from Treasure Planet by Sergio and I was geeked to get it.  Its rare to get a hold of any of his stuff so it was nice to add it to my collection.... and I will never tell where I got it from!

Its not surprising to hear that the people you look up to were and are hard workers.  I have heard many stories about different animators.  One story was about Sergio Pablos who painstakingly inbetweened his own work on Treasure Planet.  It was his way of making sure his performances were exactly what he wanted.  I never had the honor of working with him but everyone that has had the pleasure states that he is a very focused animator (as most of the top guys are).  With the way we work today you can find that there are many distractions in the workplace...ESPECIALLY with the damn internet.  You can get pulled away in an instant if you do not  FOCUS.  If you think about the way any great professional in history had to work to get things done some things will become clear.  Imagine being up on a skyscraper during the industrial age, putting in some rivets, and suddenly getting on Facebook to post something real dumb. You probably would have lost your life not to mention doing a half ass job on an 80 story building.  Its an extreme example but you get the idea.