Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Death of Mother Gothel.

Now that I am teaching my students are really developing their process and overall approach. I have spoken a lot to them about working in a fashion where they refine their poses. Stepped mode (this is where the software plays your animation back jumping from one pose to the next.) is the method I usually work in; not to be confused with pose to pose animation, but a way to create overall appeal to the work. The biggest part of this animation where Mother Gothel is running towards the mirror and goes crazy was done almost straight ahead. I planned out the poses I wanted to hit, but I felt to capture the energy I had to work through the physical aspects as quick as she was performing them.

This shot was really fun to animate and preparing for it was a good challenge. I had no representation for the cloth she was going to grab so I had to feel where her hands would be and keep them close as if they were holding that fabric...pretending it had some give as well as a bit of elasticity .

Keep grinding as usual guys!