Saturday, March 08, 2014


LOOOONG Ago I posted on my blog about this short... amazing... won the Oscar.

You never touch the art in the hunt for an award... you touch it because you love the craft and what you do.  The Zeilt team put every ounce of love they have for the art form into this short.  CONGRATS!

I was getting coffee when the Oscars were on.... I turned to see Laurent going up to accept the Oscar. Laurent Witz and I met because I was a fan of Stephane Halleux's artwork.  I was still at Valve at that time.  A few months later it was announced that there was going to be a short in production based on Stephane's work.  Anyway... after many emails I used my weekends helped out on the short after finishing up on Croods.  YES.. I ANIMATED FOR FREE!!!!  For me it was more about the appreciation I had for Stephane's work and knowing that Laurent had the same feel for it.

Congrats to  Zeilt Productions and All the guys who worked on it.