Friday, August 10, 2012

...Dreamworks India...

-So I recently returned from the Dreamworks side of production in India.  There are some great things coming and I am really excited for the new endeavors on the horizon.  The group of animators there are very hungry and the energy is pretty infectious.  I remember feeling that energy as a lead animator at a small game studio when I first moved to California.  Keeping that energy as an animator has been my goal since starting down this path and I have always wanted to work with people who believed in that same thing.  

-I have seen people explode with talent, some complain a lot, others stagnate, and many have their will broken.  A large part of my happiness comes from 'animation'.  The reason being is that animation has given me a giant opportunity to provide for my family, give me something to be proud of, and break the cycle of living the life of the streets.  Many people around me have heard me say "make your next move your best move".....  We have only so much time on this planet and  I know that I am in a position to leave a mark that will hopefully inspire the next kid to make a fantastic decision.

-Only make moves if your heart's in it, and live the phrase "Skies the Limit"