Friday, November 26, 2010

Being An Animator: A Small Perspective

Imitating life! I spend most of my life imitating it. As humans we mimic what is around us a lot. The clothes we wear, the hairstyles we get, movies we create, the stories we write, and many people imitate people they know or heard of. So being an animator I watch everything around me and analyze it even more. We create motions and give performances that people can relate to. Interesting that we would want to see more and more of what we witness all the time in our daily lives. Magic or extraordinary events are used a lot in stories to break you from reality but for the most part you get a decent chunk of what you already know. Does that make our perspective small or is it just that we need the familiar. The familiar makes us feel safe even in animation.

I don't think the outlook on what you can do is small, I feel it is just this on going curiosity with who we are. Why we do the things we do and can we become better. Even with that being said, being a better person is relative to the individual. So does being more familiar with what's around you make you a better animator and how do you measure your worth on this planet if you all you do is mimic it?

...maybe too deep....?