Saturday, September 18, 2010

...more process & sketching...

These first set of thumbnails are for a test I am doing at work using the Prep & Landing characters that is not production related. I am just getting used to working the the characters and rig. I finished up my work on the short and wanted to continue some acting exploration. We will be hitting the ground running on something new in January. It has not been announced yet so I cant really say anything about it.

Again my process always begins with thumbnails. I like to start with drawings since I can play with things a little bit faster. It is kind of like shooting reference because I get up and act out to the dialogue but without the camera rolling. I hit body postures and then exaggerate them on paper. I then shoot reference to look for interesting nuances that I can add within my performance. I am currently working on something that will hopefully be helpful to aspiring animators that gives a good sense on how feature quality animation is created from various perspectives.

These are just some sketches I did while waiting for Maya to do its thing.