Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drawings telling you to DRAW!

I follow a few blogs and most of the guys and gals I check out work in production as well... so I am sure the day to day job slows everyone on posting to blogs; including the kid. I came into my office today and started flipping the 2D animation I started and noticed one of the drawings looked like it was saying "...pick up the pencil..." Anyway work has been very hectic and everyone is putting in overtime. I have been planning my final series of shots which is going to be another level of acting for me ( I am looking forward to blocking these out).

During the last several weeks of the movie I am going to be working on an additional blog that will not be ongoing but a presentation for aspiring animators!

Have you ever watched an animated movie and wonder who did what shot? Who are the guys making these characters come to life? My favorite thing to do with my Disney DVD's is pausing the end credits and see who worked on what characters. I have all of them pretty much memorized at this point, but for CG animation you cant really do that. I decided that for TANGLED I am going to create a blog that has pictures of all the animators who worked on the movie a long with one of their favorite shots and a description of how they created it..... or whatever they want to say about it. I think that animation fans will get a big kick out of it.

I am going to post some of the doodles that I have done during production... waiting for playblasts, planning shots, waiting for shots to come up in dailies, or just during my lunch break.

thanks for being interested