Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...Black Warrior...Pencils

When I first started animating I was turned on to these pencils... Black Warrior... I have to say that I became addicted. When I moved up to the NW, I had a panic because only office stores carried them and none of the stores here had them in stock. I had like 3 pencils left and the way I sharpen pencils...the go fast, even with the pencil extenders. Well obviously this character isnt me but...eh

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pre-color: WildCart full concept

this is the full concept of my front page. I made it in 3 sections so that I could play with the depth of field. This was actually for a larger concept that I had, but here is a piece of what I was thinking before the color

Friday, October 16, 2009

...everyday I'm rustling...

since I have been in transitioning and living in temp housing...I have been drawing on an ironing board and sometimes taking my laptop, opening a blank page, laying it flat open, and using it for a lite table. I guess its roughing it, but its better than drawing on the floor...been there, done that...but it does remind me of my childhood laying on the floor and watching cartoons.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

...no storyboards...?

I remember working on a project and someone talked about how storyboards were overrated... I felt disoriented and dizzy by the statement, like I was about to go into cardiac arrest. I know not every story person works with boards, but I know most AT LEAST work with thumbnails or beat boards to visualize their idea. So in essence, they are working with a type of story board.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

item_03: col-erase 20044

the blue col-erase 20044. Sounds like a weapon, but I guess for most artists it is. This is has been my choice for many years. Even before I got deep deep into animation I used to mimic the comic book artists who had rough examples in Wizard magazine. You can see it all over Florian Satzinger's blog (great work). A definite must have for all artist and animators who love to draw, but there are a few similar pencils that 'kinda' have the same feel... buy em' by the box because they go fast (CLICK ON THE PICTURE)!


diggin in the crates. came across some older images that I had some fun with.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lack of Posts: Preparing for Transition.. On to the next one!

So I have had a lack of posts here on my blog, but putting a lot of posts at the Pencil Test Depot I am sure that will slow over the next month. I am moving back to Los Angeles and I have been preparing the move as well as mentally for the next part of my career. A lot of research and sketching... It has been an eye opener and refreshing to get back into the student mind state. I have always put it in my mind that I have a long way to go in my animation career (I will probably still be saying that at age 60). Funny how the path has been...and I have to thank my wife for being very strong through this transition. Its funny to see how you inspire someone with drive and passion...at the same time how you are inspired by someones calm and peaceful outlook on life. The perfect balance and another reason why I love my wife. New posts soon...

keep grindin'