Sunday, January 06, 2008

Giving Back using Art

After a long 2006-2007 I began to look at life a little differently. I know everyone loses family members and goes through the stress of sickness and various other issues and we all have that hard time of balancing certain aspects of dealing with it. These things made me look at how my art has helped my people, my family, my peers, or anyone that may have met me in passing. I really do not think that I have made an impact on this world with what I do. Not EVEN a dent. During a time of stress, my brother told me that a lot of people from my old neighborhood in New Jersey and Philly looked up to me. He said that "you made it out and you should be proud...I can speak about my brother with pride." I thought to my self "Damn...I didn't do anything to give back" Yeah I have helped my family, but what about the grand scheme. 2008 is the beginning of something different. I dropped the work on my short and began research for a Graphic Novel that is based on the history of certain American figures. One of the reasons I started drawing as a kid was an interest in comic books. I was fueled by the super fictional characters but as I have grown I have learned to recognize the real heros and how there stories are even more interesting than made up realities. Time to move forward, time to change, time to build, and no time to chase yesterday because you will miss tomorrow.