Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sergio Pablos Part 1: Acting, Entertainment, & Variation

I decided to make another animation video for 2012. I played with the idea of a live webinar series, bit I think there would be more benefit to having a downloadable turorial. I sent out an email asking the people who purchased the first video and I received some great feedback. The name of the video currently is: "Acting, Entertainment, & Variation"...but keep this one as an option ("Acting, Performance, & Entertainment"). My last video focused on workflow and not the thoughts behind the acting. I touched a little on some of the aspects of it but I will dive deep into acting on this installment. Not only will I be talking about it, I will be talking with inspiring veterans. So far I will be talking to James Baxter, Sergio Pablos, & Kristof Serrand. 

-This is very exciting

Saturday, December 03, 2011

...drawings on a lazy day...

 ... I am always drawing but its just a matter of scanning and posting.  I wish there was an instant scan or something attached to a drawing pad.  The new Wacom toy looks nice but I will wait for the version that can read a larger drawing surface.  Any are a few that I did on a Saturday at home.  When Croods is over I will post some of my thumbnails and pose studies for my shots.. who knows maybe some will get into "The Art of Croods"   .....that would be cool...